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Allison Creek Preschool offers a theme-based curriculum with flexibility for the teachers to draw on the children’s interests. Our themes throughout the school year include senses, the farm, seasons, holidays, circus, bugs, ponds, oceans, and more! Our curriculum is designed to aid in the development of the whole child, assisting in the physical and mental needs that are unique to preschool-aged children. We follow the South Carolina Early Learning Standards.

Daily activities include language acquisition, gross and fine motor skills, emotional and social development, Bible stories, math concepts, science, art, and music. Within our language arts class, we are using the Zoo Phonics Curriculum as well as the Handwriting Without Tears Program. This is a developmentally based, flexible, easy, effective, and engaging program designed to allow children to develop good handwriting skills.

Children will also participate in a weekly session of Playball throughout the year. These are age-specific according to the cognitive, emotional/social, and motor development milestones of each age group. In each program, your child’s developmental, emotional, and physical needs are met. Each program has as one of its primary objectives to teach sport and movement, and to teach it properly.




Toddler Class


Two Year Old Class



Three Year Old Class


Four Year Old Class

Our creative rotating curriculum offers art and crafts, music, field trips, indoor and outdoor play, Playball as physical education, special programs, fundraisers, parent involvement & Chapel in the sanctuary with Pastor Sam each week for a Bible lesson, prayer, and music.

The early years of childhood are of great importance. The habits, interests, and attitudes being acquired will influence the remainder of a child's life. We encourage you to explore all the fun we have here at Allison Creek Preschool!

Watercolors in Art Class

Art, Chapel & Special Events

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